Thursday, May 31, 2012

Registered parcel missing and SingPost cannot tell what's happened

Ms Betty Ong is totally frustrated with the service she is getting from SingPost over a "lost" parcel that had arrived from Taiwan for her.
     So she decided to google to find a way "to make a complaint to SingPost that will produce results" and stumbled upon my blog.
     She says: "I am at the end of my patience and tolerance right now and considering taking them to the small claims tribunal."
     Her problem started when her supplier in Taiwan sent her a registered parcel which arrived in Singapore on May 12.
      She says: "As we have been tracking its movement, we made it a point to have people home between May 13 and 18. But we were shocked to see a failed delivery note on Track and Trace on May 15 when there were two people home that day and no card was left behind to collect or redirect the item.
      "A call was made to SingPost that afternoon to ask for redelivery but my nephew made the mistake of telling the manager on duty that it contain something important.
      "We were told that they will call back the next day. However, no one rang and when we rang back we were put on hold for two hours at a time.
      "This happened repeatedly over two days. I emailed customer service to make enquiry and wastold to be patient. Finally, I received an email on May 21 telling me that the parcel has been missing since May 17 and nothing can be done.
      "My sister went down to Singpost HQ on May 22 to speak to someone of authority and was asked to give Singpost 24 hours to find the item and to give a reply.
      "This has dragged on from then to now and we still have no answer as the matter has been passed from one person to the next. We don't know what has happened to the parcel and what sort of action SingPost has taken.
      "How can we get someone up the top in Singpost to take notice of what is happening?
     "How can something like this happen when we have been assured by Mr Marcus and Ms Kathleen, two officers who were supposed to look into the matter, that all registered parcels are scanned and coded and also the delivery couriers are also coded and hence they would know the movement of the parcel?"
      Betty's sister has in the meantime lodged a police report.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Jessica Ho of Kinokuniya shows what good service is all about

My friend and neighbour, Leonard McCully, was a little peeved earlier in the week when his friendly nature failed to elicit a response from an unsmiling cashier despite him wishing her "good morning" a number of times.

But that bad experience was forgotten a couple of days later when he was served by Ms Jessica Ho at Kinokuniya's main store in Takashimaya.

"This lady has restored my faith in humanity," he says.

Leonard was so impressed with Ms Ho's service that he wrote to the bookstore's management to relate to them what she had done.

"I am writing to record the caring service provided by one of your sales staff , Ms Jessica Ho, at your Kinokuniya main store this afternoon, 11th May," his email says.

"I am recovering from a long illness, needing to use a walking stick to support a bad back. I had several books in hand when I asked Ms Ho for directions to the bookshelves containing books on cars.

"Noticing my impediment, she very kindly insisted she first park the books I had selected with the cashier, then accompany me to the correct bookshelf.

"At the bookshelf, she then insisted that I accept her offer of a chair to allow me to browse the books at my leisure and in comfort. I gratefully accepted as my back was just about "killing" me! What a relief.

"I then spent another 30 minutes browsing and picked up a couple more books.

"Ms Ho is such a great credit to your organisation. She made my afternoon shopping for books such a pleasant experience, that I will most definitely return.

"Please note Ms Ho's exemplary service. I believe it would not be out of place to place it in her record of employment with Kinokuniya."

Well, Ms Ho certainly deserves a bouquet for her outstanding service.