Friday, February 12, 2010

Faridah's devotion to duty stands out at NTUC Finest

Long queues, inadequate counter-manning and slow clearance at retail outlets continue to be a frequent complaint that I have been getting from my friends.

Here's another one...from Anne Wong:

"We were shopping at NTUC Finest at Bukit Timah Plaza this afternoon (February 9) when we attempted to check out on the upper floor. We found that every check-out counter had a CLOSED sign (some were serving their final customers). Only the counter accepting baskets was open.

When we asked for the reason, we were told that the counter staff were changing shifts!

This is the reason why taxis are hard to come by in certain countries, but it also applies to this supermart during the change of shift just before 5:00pm.

I have written to FairPrice and suggested that the staff be taught to use their initiative and change shift when there are NO customers waiting to be served. They do not have to change shifts all at the SAME time.

Supermarkets and shops abroad page for staff to man the till when it is busy. They do NOT all close down at the same time - like the PRC Immigration Counters at Shenzhen in the old days when it was their dinnertime.

And even they have improved!

However, I would like to commend one member of your check-out staff. When we were left stranded because the other check-outs were in the process of changing shift, Faridah Abd (name on tag) kept her counter open and attended to us. We had an overflowing trolley and it was 4:59pm.

Now SHE has an instinct for customer service, unlike the young kids who were in charge of the other check-outs."

For her devotion to duty, Faridah deserves a BOUQUET. But it has to be a BOO-QUET for
the rest of her check-out colleagues.

**** LATEST NTUC FairPrice has replied to


We refer to your feedback...

We do apologise for the experience which you had at NTUC FairPrice Bukit Timah Plaza.

We wish to assure you that we do not close counters during changing of shifts and we have briefed all staff to ensure the correct signages are being used when they are carrying out the changes in shifts. We understand that communication is very important in customer service and our staff are reminded to try to be more proactive in attending to customers even during their changes in shifts.

At NTUC FairPrice, providing customers with good shopping experiences is one of our top priorities and we will spare no efforts to ensure that customers are served with efficiency. We are also gratified to receive your appreciation of Ms Faridah's good customer service and she had been notified of the compliment.

Thank you for highlighting this matter to our attention and we look forward to serving you better.

We wish you and your family a Happy and Prosperous Lunar New Year!

Yours sincerely,
Debra Chang Ay Jen
Team Leader, Customer Relations
NTUC Fairprice Co-Operative Ltd"

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  1. Good Job, Faridah. One more bouquet just in time for valentine's day.