Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Starhub says sorry to Irene again

Starhub has again replied to Irene over the unsolicited SMS issue.
This was after her last email to the telco saying that it was able to send a reply that
was devoid of bureaucratic crap.

The Starhub reply says:

"We are sorry that we did not meet your service expectations during
the previous interactions regarding the advertising SMS concerns
you raised with us. We thank you for giving us another opportunity to
address your concerns and feedback.

"We wish to explain that the highlighted SMS was sent by a third
party, not facilitated by StarHub. In such advertising sms, an option
to unsubscribe permanently from their respective mailing lists is
usually included.

"Nevertheless, we do acknowledge that our colleague
could have done better by pro-actively requesting for the
unsubscription on your behalf after receiving your first e-mail.

"With regard to your feedback on the second reply you received, we
wish to clarify that our colleague who attended to you had
misinterpreted your concerns as being related to unsolicited SMSes
instead of specifically relating to the advertising SMS. This caused
him to reply to you as per the procedures required for unsolicited

"Please be assured that your feedback have been immediately
highlighted to our service supervisors who have closed this service
gap with the related staff and will continue to coach them for
service excellence. Once again, we apologise for the inconvenience
caused by this matter and look forward to providing you with a better

Surprise, surprise, Irene has been quiet for the last two days....

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