Monday, January 30, 2012

MyeCitizen alert that came too late

I have just written to REACH, the government's feedback unit, and MyeCitizen, the portal that offers sms/email alerts and reminder services from government offices and agencies.

This was after I had reluctantly paid a penalty of $40 for "late" renewal of my road tax which expired last Saturday (Jan 28).

I was alerted to the expiry by sms from MyeCitizen the following day (Jan 29). It asked me to renew my road tax immediately if I had not done so.

I do not normally leave such things till the last minute, but this time I had forgotten completely about it because of a family emergency last week.

Immediately after the sms alert, I went online to onemotoring to do the renewal.

To my surprise, I discovered that I had to pay a penalty of $40. I had no choice but to comply.

Although I appreciate very much the services of MyeCitizen, I wonder why the alert came only a day after the road tax had expired.

If I was going to be fined for "late" renewal, surely it would have been more helpful if the alert had been sent on the expiry day itself!!!

MyeCitizen must have gotten its information about the expiry from the Land Transport Authority. So why didn't LTA think about having the alert on the day when I still had time to do the renewal without being penalised???

Another reason for my unhappiness is the fact that I had to pay the penalty when I had not even driven my car out of the porch on Jan 29, the day when the new road tax period starts.

Does one have to pay a penalty when one purchases an airline ticket on the day that the flight takes off?

Stay tuned as I wait for Reach and MyeCitizen to reply.

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