Monday, December 30, 2013

Shara of DBS -- sent from above!

Ms Shara of DBS Bank made my day today.

She surfaced like a breath of fresh air just as I was getting increasingly irritated by the unavailability of my relationship manager (RM) and a telephone voice that kept telling me to hold on as "all our officers are busy". 

When it seemed like all my efforts were ending up futile, I decided to call the bank's 24-hour service hotline. Right move --- an angel in the form of Shara came to my rescue.

The moment I heard her voice, I knew somehow that she was going to be the person who was able to help me. 

 I told her about the difficulty I encountered in getting hold of the RM and what I wanted from the bank -- a credit card that would reward air miles against my spendings.

"Not a problem," she chimed, before showing me an easier way of doing it without even having to fill in any document as I was already a card holder.

All it took was less than 10 minutes for me to log on into my account, indicate the card that I wanted and the request was approved.

Before I rang off, I thanked and complimented Shara on her cheerful attitude, patience and EQ.

She certainly deserves a bouquet for displaying that special personal touch! 

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