Friday, February 21, 2014

HSBC teller sends Miel on a spin

Soon after I posted my gripe about DBS today, I read  this Facebook posting below by my friend and ex-colleague Dengcoy, popularly known by his  cartoon byline Miel....

"Dear HSBC, your service sucks! it's called Inconvenient Banking.

WHY? went to the Claymore branch this morning to make a transaction only to be told by the teller to call an 1800-number. But I told her that I am here and now ready to make that transaction. She insisted that I still have to call the 1800-number. Okay, fine. So, I called said number from the office only to be told by some call-center chap from Mordor that I have to go back to the bank to do my business! WT...! "

  I was really incensed after I read the post as I know Miel to be a mild-mannered and obliging guy and can easily be taken advantaged of by many people.   I am sure he was in this case because he obeyed what the teller told him to do!!!

Many of his friends have reacted to what had happened to him. One said he should have thumped the table and demanded service. Another  thought a better line of action would have been to curse the teller in  the Hokkien dialect.

Maybe Miel should do what he does best --- draw a cartoon to show up the bank for its mindless service and post it on social media. After all, he is  a world-class cartoonist. And a so-called global bank like HSBC surely does not deserve  anything less..

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  1. LATEST: HSBC has responded and asked Miel to give the bank details of the incident so that it could investigate. Soon after, Miel emailed to thank me for helping. "They had already called me and offered their sincerest apologies. I was also able to do my business with them with ease," he said. Wow!!!