Monday, October 17, 2011

It's only words, DBS

The turnover of relationship managers must be very high at DBS Bank. Every few months I would receive a letter from the bank to inform me that I have a new RM.

I really do not mind the change, knowing that the economy is still humming and opportunities for such personnel abound. So it is to be expected that they will be moving around to gather as much hay as they can while the sun is still shining.

But what I find rather annoying is that in the letter that I receive, there will invariably be a sentence to say that the new RM "will be in touch with you soon."

My experience has been that these RMs never do. My guess is that they consider me "a waste of time" because I have stopped buying any of its products and I do not do any kind of trading through the bank.

I hope the bank would just send me an SMS to inform me of the change in RM and not waste time and money sending me that standard letter.


  1. Pern Yew, I also get sama sama from UOB. Thankfully, I met their head of QS at an ABS dinner and since then have unabashedly contacted the person for really urgent banking matters...

  2. Hi Hi PY...I am back :) So happy to catch your latest post or am I late heheheh....

    Bank could have cut alot of waste by doing that huh? I don't buy any products from bank so so RM leh but I do have lots and lots of cold calls though :)

  3. hi shionge, good to hear from you. when the new regulations are ready, you can opt out from having such cold calls. and never buy any structured products from the banks as many don't even know what they are selling.