Friday, April 20, 2012

Battle with AXA: Anne wins Round 1

Twelve hours after I posted Anne Wong Holloway's complaint about how difficult it was to make an insurance claim for her helper's medical bills,AXA Insurance Customer Service Centre's manager, Ms Daphne Koh, emailed me to say that the company  would be "in contact with the insured directly with regards to the claim issue."

That sounded like good news to me.  Two hours later, Anne confirmed it through an email, saying that the company had sent her an Acceptance Note and Computation to settle a claim of more than $10,000.

She ended with this remark: "This just goes to show that these insurance companies ONLY pay up when the policyholder fights for his or her rights."

Don't I know.  I have had a few skirmishes with them and, believe me, it does take a lot of work and heart aches.

But Anne has not completely finished her battle with AXA.  There is still
an item which she is not satisfied with.  So she followed it up with this email:

"I have quickly checked the Computation and would like to enquire why the days of stay, from 15 March 2012 to 23rd March 2012 were not included in the days eligible for Wages Reimbursement?

"To the best of my knowledge and understanding, St Luke's Hospital is a hospital and recognized by MOH as such." 

Obviously, AXA is leaving out something which Anne feels should be included.

Let's see how Round 2 will end. Stay tuned.

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