Saturday, April 28, 2012

Bouquet to MAS for its quick response to feedback

I am encouraged by the Monetary Authority of Singapore's  response to feedback. It has replied to me each time I alerted them to something which they as regulators have oversight.

The latest was a complaint by Anne Wong Holloway over "impossible" conditions which AXA Insurance had set when she tried
to claim for expenses incurred as a result of her maid's hospitalisation after a stroke last month.

After I posted her story on April 19,  I alerted both AXA and the MAS.  AXA replied to me in 12 hours to say that it would be in contact directly with Anne.

Six days later,  the Consumer Issues Division of the MAS emailed me
to say that it "is aware of this matter and we have contacted the insurer to look into the issues raised by Ms Holloway."

I am not sure whether Anne had also informed the MAS at the same time, but I am happy that it has been pro-active in its response to our feedback.

Bouquet to MAS!

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