Saturday, June 2, 2012

SingPost apologises for 'lost' parcel but Betty is not happy

SingPost has apologised to Ms Betty Ong and her partners “for the difficulties and inconvenience” over a “lost” registered parcel sent from Taiwan last month.
        In an email to her yesterday, SingPost said: “After analyzing the issue and conducting several internal reviews, we have also extended the search in our Post Offices. Despite extensive search conducted, we are unable to locate the item.
        “We will officially declare item as lost by 05/06/2012 and Taiwan Post office will be notified. Investigation reports will be forwarded to them for their reviews on the compensation claims payable to the sender. This is as the sender would have the prior right of claims to the item.”
        Betty is obviously not happy with its reply. She says: “I have placed a $5,000 deposit on the items (sent) and (is) likely to lose it, so who do I go to for my compensation? ‘’
        The deposit to her Taiwan supplier was for “crystal and jadeite samples sent over for us to view and show our customers”.
       She says: “No business people will just send things over without some sort of payment first. The agreement was that once we have seen the items and want to buy, then we go from there either sending the supplier more cash or return the items to get the deposit back.
       “Hence if the parcel is lost, I won’t be able to get my money back and, to be honest, I believe the items are worth more than that.
      “I am so very displeased with Singpost. It is irresponsible and takes no accountability for items under its charge. If this is the case, isn’t SingPost encouraging its staff to mishandle items as they don’t have to account for them?
       “I am sure my supplier in Taiwan will not take this quietly as well.”

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