Thursday, June 21, 2012

Albert met a salesman with a 'darkened face'

Shoppers Albert Wee and his wife are pretty upset by the way they were treated by a salesman at Toy Outpost Singapore in Plaza Singapura.   
      The couple were shopping at the mall on June 16. His wife had bought two iPhone earpieces for $10.
      Albert said there were a few colours to choose from but his wife chose two without noticing there was a pink one as well. 
      Later, when she realised she had missed picking the pink one, she asked the salesman whether she could have it changed.
      Albert said he "showed a face"  (obviously a sour one) and ignored her request.
      To test whether the salesman would behave in the same manner again, Albert went to another display box which had the same earpieces on sale and had more colours. 
      He said: "I asked for one in blue and the other pink. 'World class
service' was again rendered.  The salesman also ignored me and again showed his darkened face.
     "As such services were being shown,  we decided to leave but not
before informing Livia (another sales staff) about what had happened."
     Minutes later, a dissatisfied Albert went back to the shop as he wanted to confront the salesman to ask for his name as he thought he should complain to the management about the rotten service.
     Albert said this was how the dialogue went between the two of them:
     Salesman: “What you want my name for?"
      Albert:  “Cause I want to let your management know of your excellent service."
      Salesman:  “My name is confidential, cannot give you."
       Albert: "Are you afraid of me complaining to your management?"
       Salesman: “No, I’m not."
       By the way, Toy Outpost Singapore is a consignment shop concept. It rents out lockers to anyone to sell their products.

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