Sunday, February 24, 2013

StarHub sucks --- again!!!

While reading some of the postings by hotelier Loh Lik Peng in his blog,
Loh and Behold, I spotted one that commented on StarHub's poor service.   
My friends and I have written and complained ad nauseum to the telco about its service but to no avail so far.  So when I saw Loh's story, I thought I would lift it wholesale (I hope he won't mind) and post it in my blog.
A bit more pressure would make the telco see the light, I hope.
Below is Loh's posting last December....

StarHub Sucks!

"I’ve terminated my StarHub fixed broadband service and some dude named Adrian Koh from their Retention Team had the balls to email me to find out why.

To all the clowns at StarHub, here’s why:
Service from StarHub has always been inadequate commensurate with the price charged. For example to cancel my StarHub fixed broadband service, I first phoned in October to inform StarHub.

I phoned again in November, just to make sure. (In the past, my experience with StarHub has been you need to remind them over and over again for the slightest shit you want done.)

And in December I phoned yet again. Each time I phoned I was told that my request has been noted. But way past the last date of service (which was December 15th) the fixed broadband service was still available and I had to call once again to request for termination.

Finally spoke to a person named “Heuer” on the other end of the line and he was the one who eventually terminated the fixed broadband service for me on December 17th.

How any times does a customer need to phone and phone? This fucked-up level of service – I can’t imagine anything more shoddy that this - is among the reasons why I decided not to renew my fixed broadband service with StarHub.

Besides, other providers now offer fiber with NO contract at cheaper prices.
For those still stuck with StarFucks do consider moving. And check your bills.

My son’s cell phone bill recently had a charge for roaming in Malaysia and he wasn’t even in Malaysia.

StarHub, please get your act together. There are enough clowns in Singapore already. No need to add to the ballooning population of jokers, retards and morons here."



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