Wednesday, February 27, 2013

StarHub replies --- two months later...and 'it's not our fault'

I posted an item two months ago -- Dec 14, 2012 to be exact --- about
StarHub springing a surprise on me with this message on my computer screeen...

"Your PC/router DNS settings is currently configured to link to our decommissioned DNS server, and thus being re-directed to this webpage.

Please note that as your PC/router has been set to manual DNS settings, your internet access will be affected and must be re-configured to automatic DNS selection in order to restore normal internet access to your computer...."

It went on to instruct me on how to solve the problem without realising it was dealing with a non-technical person. Ultimately, I had to call the telco to send a technician before I could regain my internet connection.

After all the hassle was over, I decided to write about it. I also alerted StarHub to the posting,  titled:  "StarHub springs a surprise -- go reconfigure yourself".

There was complete silence for more than two months UNTIL today when, surprise, surprise!!! , I got this reply from the telco:

"We refer to your blog entry dated 14 December 2012 at and we sincerely apologise for the
delayed response to your feedback.

We would like to clarify that any change in StarHub's DNS settings is
meant to be transparent to customers as computers and network
equipment will retrieve the new settings automatically via DHCP
(Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol). DHCP is used all over the
world to dynamically assign IP configuration settings to end-users.

From your description, it would appear that your equipment's setting
was hardcoded with a static DNS setting which resulted in the loss of
Internet connectivity. Unfortunately, we will not know who edited the
settings on your equipment since this will usually require physical
access to it.

While the settings on your equipment is beyond StarHub's control, we
sincerely apologise if this episode had given you the impression that
we have disconnected your internet without prior notice.

Please feel free to write to us if you require further clarification
on this.

Thank you.

Warm regards

Howard Toh
Service Manager, Technical Helpdesk"

What is StarHub telling me???  That I or someone in my house had tampered with the setting? 

I like the sensitive manner in which Mr Toh put it: "Unfortunately, we will not know who edited the settings on your equipment since this will usually require physical access to it."

Hello, Mr Toh, I am the only person using the computer in my household and, for the life of me, I have absolutely no idea what is meant by "hardcoded"  or "static DNS setting" let alone knowing how to reset the equipment.

What intrigues me now is why the telco has suddenly jumped to life and decided to respond to my complaint.  

If you were to check my blog, there are many which they have not bothered to do so.

And I have many more complaints which I have not blogged about StarHub

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  1. Starhub, Singtel, M1. SPH, Mediacorp. Comfort Del Gro, SMRT; and so the list goes on. There's competition and there is competition. Not every business needs to operate efficiently or effectively if they they are feeling cosy and the pie they share is big enough.

    Or if their customers take the crap they hand out - dropped calls, bad reception (in the tiny red dot?), inferior technical support, insufficient bandwidth, propaganda instead of news, lack of taxis, trains and buses.

    The Auto Association of Sin hardly utters in defence of the poor motorist, CASE doesn't bite the hands of the ad agencies and advertisers.

    All this is the Singapore norm - and we are all guilty of letting it get this way.