Friday, May 17, 2013

LTA's mind-boggling rule

  The Land Transport Authority makes a distinction between the Singapore identity card and Singapore passport when the two are used to establish someone's identity to effect a transfer of vehicle ownership.

  I realised this when I went to LTA's office in Sin Min last week to transfer the ownership of my wife's car to the buyer.  She had misplaced her IC and despite searching for it, was not been able to find it.

  As the IC was needed to effect the transfer, I was in a dilemma over what to do next.  I decided that her passport should be a good substitute as it was just a matter of confirming her identity.

  So off I went to LTA with her passport and the signed transfer form, confident that I would not encounter any problem. But I was wrong.

  The LTA officer who attended to me said my wife had to be present if I was using the passport for the transfer, but her presence was not required with the IC. 

   I asked her why the IC was given more credibility. Her short reply: it was the rule and clearly stated in the transfer form. As expected, she was not able to give me the rationale.

   That ended our conversion.  And the end result? My wife, still in her exercise outfit, was summoned to LTA to show her face.



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