Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Johnn waits and waits for reply from SPH

       I can understand my friend Johnn Ong's frustration when he told me this morning about his attempts to give feedback to Singapore Press Holdings on his Straits Times' digital subscription and how he ended up without any sense of satisfaction.
      Johnn, a subscriber to both the print and online versions of the newspaper for many years, told me that his iPad service was abruptly cut off early this month.
       He subsequently learnt that his older model of the iPad was no longer compatible with the changes that had been made for the digital service of the newspaper.  But there no notification given about the changes, he said.
       His wife called SPH customer service and was "truly aggrieved by the services provided."  The people who attended to her were not able to answer her queries satisfactorily.
       Johnn said it took him a week before he realised that SPH was not able to service those subscribers who were using the older version of the iPad.
       As his iPad was still in good condition, he did not think he should buy a new one just to get his daily news from the tablet.  What irritated him was the fact that he was not made aware of the changes made to the delivery system that rendered his iPad obsolete.
       He tried to speak to a senior manager about his problem but somehow his attempts were blocked. So he decided to write an email to a customer service officer. That was on September 8. To date, he has not heard from SPH.
     Johnn now wants to know whether SPH would compensate him for the remaining part of his subscription as he believes it was not able to deliver a service that was part of the contract.





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