Thursday, January 29, 2015

For the Love of Laundry? Celine finds no evidence of that

For the Love of Laundry is a catchy business name no doubt. Unfortunately, it is not providing any tender loving care for one of its loyal customers.
     Looking at Celine's laundry list of complaints, she must have been pretty tolerant about the dry-cleaners' negligence and poor service...until now.
     The latest issue in the long saga over its awful service is the loss of her dress -- for more than a week.  "It's a big blue stiff dress, impossible to misplace," she whats-apped me. 
      I could imagine her exasperation when I read the list of her encounters with service neglect and indifferent attitude.
      But what really blew her top this time was the silent treatment she received when she emailed the company to find out what was happening.
      And when she finally found time to call the cleaners' office today,  she said "no one could tell me anything."
      Here are past issues she has had with them...
* spoilt a Zegna polo shirt; they said they "could not make it better" but it was rescued by another dry cleaner
* failed to return a belt from a dress after dry cleaning; they had it with them all the while but never bothered to let her know until she discovered it herself when she went to search for it.
* black streaky stains on her white shorts; again said they could not be removed without bothering to try, but the other cleaner did it for her.
* said they would repair her clothes; even wrote on the receipt but it was not done, and they did not even bother to tell her it was not possible.
* buttons on her suit cracked because they failed to wrap them up when cleaning.
* folded a man's work shirt when they were specifically told to hang it.
* put her clothes on the floor when she sent them in. When asked why, the woman there said "This is what we always do".
      Despite all these bad experiences, Celine continued to patronise them because the United Square location was  a convenient drop-off point and she was also hoping against hope they would change.
     Now, after this latest episode, she is having second thoughts.
     "They are supposed to be upmarket dry-cleaners but they never seem to learn from their mistakes," she said.
     For the Love of Laundry is said to be the first company here to use a toxin-free technology that is environmentally-friendly. It was started by banker Wee Cho Yaw's grandsons -- Teng Wen and Teng Chuen.

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