Sunday, October 24, 2010

Irene pleased with SQ service

Irene Hoe, back from yet another holiday in Europe, is thoroughly pleased with the service from Singapore Airlines.

"Both flights were very pleasant," she said.

"I was in 35C on SQ324. During the night, I had a coughing fit while in the toilet. Almost immediately, there was a knock on the door and a concerned voice asked: "Is everything all right, ma'am? Are you OK?"

"When I emerged several minutes later, the flight attendant was still there, asking if I was unwell and if she could get me anything. "Tea? Some warm water?" she said.

"I didn't really need anything but she was so kind and sounded so concerned that I said yes to the warm water.

"She made me feel so well looked after.

"On SQ 321, I was in 43C. I declined the breakfast as both of the choices contained chicken, to which I am allergic. Immediately, the flight attendant went to check if there was a vegetarian meal I could have.

"She and the male colleague who brought me the meal both asked if I was travelling again soon and took the trouble to explain how to request a special meal. That was nice, especially as it was a full flight and they'd only just started on the meal service.

"I explained that I just usually carry my own food in case I can't get a non-chicken meal, because it's easier and safer that way.

"Ex-Singapore and HK, I believe that some sauces and gravies in "non-chicken" meals may be seasoned with chicken stock or chicken powder as I've sometimes had allergic reactions after a meal on board. Incidentally, it's never happened with meals ex-US or ex-Europe.

"By the way, I have tried ordering a special meal online in the past but have given up on that as I can't see how it is to be accomplished."

Definitely a BOUQUET for SIA.


  1. Hurray!!! Thumbs up for our Singapore Airlines and the Singapore Girls!! Hope Irene is better now and yes, been on couple of SQ flights this year and on every trip I felt so much at home.

    I must share this with my friend who works in SQ :)

  2. Lucky you, the crew much have been a good batch. With the turnover that SQ has in crew members I have found that CX are more professional in Economy and at least I can understand their pronunciation - or maybe the Sin-HK-Sin flights have Singaporean or Malaysian "girls" who have forgotten their Singlish accents. Also CX is cheaper out of Sin for those who want to take a break in HK.