Thursday, October 14, 2010

Two servers leave a good feeling

After coming across two excellent service providers in the past few days, I am beginning to think that more of such people are fast realising the importance of good service.

I may be a little optimistic, but I must say I do end up with a good feeling when I get service that is out of the ordinary.

The first to impress was Frank Yeo, sales executive of Audio House in Liang Court shopping centre. My wife and I were there to shop for a new fridge, and he attended to us.

He knew his products and was patient, even though he was pumped with numerous questions about reliability, guarantee, size and usage. He also said the company would charge $50 to carry away our old fridge.

When we got home and confirmed that the fridge was suitable, my wife called him twice to ask him more questions before placing an order. He remained patient and helpful. What was a pleasant surprise was when he said that he would ask the company to waive the $50 fee for taking away the old fridge.

Delivery was prompt and we now have a Samsung fridge that I am confident will not give us as many problems as the American model.

The other person who made my day was a young Nepalese man named Tanka. He works as a supervisor in Chin Huat Seafood Restaurant in Sunset Way, Clementi estate, but he told me that he was also studying part-time to improve himself.

What I liked about Tanka was his easy demeanour, his initiative and his willing to serve. My friend Sunny and I could tell straightaway that he was a true professional. No request was too big a task for him.

Tanka explained to us the value of the set lunch at $11.90++. It included a wonderful starter of smoked duck and wasabi prawn, lovely deserts of black glutinous rice with ice-cream and durian pudding, plus a choice of coffee, Chinese tea or ice lemon tea.

When it came to choosing the main course, he suggested that Sunny and I order Seafood Hokkien noodles and Seafood Horfun, instead of both of us having the latter. That way, he reasoned, we could share and taste two different dishes.

Meal over, he came over to ask us for feedback. Overall, I would give it 9 out of 10 for its quality, value and the service that Tanka provided.


  1. What a wonderful way to end your weekdays and embrace the weekend :) We need more of such people around to make this world a better place.

    The companies who employed them are very lucky to have them for sure :D

  2. Absolutely. It boils down to recruiting the right people and training.

  3. Hi

    Just for your info. the shopping mall is Liang court shopping centre. Daimaru left a long long time ago.
    I really appreciate the efforts you put in to run this blog. Bouquets to you pern yew


  4. Thanks, Nana, for the kind words.

    You are right, it is Liang Court and not Daimaru. Shows how behind time I was. Will correct it.