Friday, January 14, 2011

Alert -- check your telco bills!

Although it was just a matter of only 60 cents, but Shionge has now realised that she must make it a point to check her monthly telco bill and those of her children.

She discovered earlier this month that her daughter's Singtel bill had two extra items for something that was purportedly subscribed on December 8 and 9 last year.

She says that for her previous bills, she never bothered to check carefully. All she did was to simply remind her daughter not to download anything.

This time, however, she took a closer look at her daughter's bill and found an item " Orange Gum Service". Out of curiosity, she emailed Orange Gum to find out what it was about.

"To my horror, I was told by Orange Gum that it was a system error," she says.

"Although I do appreciate their prompt reply to credit the money back, I am concerned about the number of users who are similarly affected and who do not bother to check their bills.

" It might be a small amount, but how much money is collected by Orange Gum due to this system error?"

Because there are simply too many mobile/music/apps downloads, Shionge says she is sharing this with other users to warn them to check their bills more carefully as one never knows when one is wrongly charged.

By the way, Orange Gum Service is part of Relaxz Mobile, a suite of interactive games, news and other information services delivered through SMS.


  1. Hey PY....this month Singtel bill came and there is no refund from them, I will be sending an email to them again.Although the amount is very small, should I inform Singtel too?

  2. yes, you should, Shionge. Shouldn't let them get away with inefficiency.

  3. Thank you PY....I've email them but they have yet to response, I will check who to direct my feedback to in Singtel.

  4. Hey PY just an update...Have already feedback to SingTel and Billing Dept, Mr. Deven called me personally as well.

    They have spoken to OrangeGum but I mentioned that Billing Department must float this up to the higher Management so that they are aware of such lapses.

    Deven told me OrangeGum personnel will call me but shall see how long because they have yet to response to my email too.