Thursday, January 20, 2011

Lunar New Year wish granted

Unlike in previous years, when my wife was frequently disappointed and frustrated by POSB/DBS Bank in her attempts to get new currency notes and angpow packets for the Lunar New Year, this time around she was successful.

This was because our relationship manager (RM) Desmond was more reliable than the previous ones that we had.

I had called him a week ago to tell him about we wanted. He said since I needed different amounts in various denominations, it was better to send him an email. I did as requested.

Two days ago, he called to tell me to go down to the Ngee Ann City branch today to collect the notes and angpow packets. I am happy to report that everything my wife wanted was nicely bundled when we arrived to collect.

Moral of the story: there are RMs and RMs. It is just your bad luck if you have been assigned an unreliable one.

Thanks, Desmond.


  1. Huh? Surprised u had problems with DBS/Posb last year. It's quite diff fm my experience with them, as contrasted with my main bank, UOB as detailed here. Still, managed to sort out things with UOB finally after sitting by chance next to their QS manager at an official lunch after my new notes incident...

  2. I think almost all banks are the same; but one gets lucky with their people - such as Desmond. And in Auntie Lucia's case, chance put you beside the QS manager who then had to rescue the image of the bank in your eyes. The rest of us have to lump it AND pt up with a revolving door of RMs no matter where in the world one is located.