Monday, January 31, 2011

Golden Village warns cinema-goers to behave

Cinema-goer Ms Cheah has written to Golden Village to protest against a warning sign that was displayed on the ticket counter at its Jurong Point cinema. She had gone there with a good friend to watch the 6.50 pm show on Saturday.

"When I approached the ticket counter, I noticed an A4-sized notice placed on top of the counter," he wrote. "The sign warns us to be nice to the sales staff and action will be taken against angry customers.

"The definition of good customer service seems to has deteriorated over time. It baffles me how companies are demanding customers to be courteous, nice and patient instead of other way the around.

"While I believe there are isolated cases where customers step beyond the line, it should be dealt with professionally and discreetly on a case-by-case basis. Putting up a sign telling the rest of us how to behave is very insulting to a paying customer.

"Of my 1.5 years patronizing GV Jurong Point, I have came across an exceptionally courteous staff only ONCE. Rude and impatient staff? Countless.

"My advice: Stop insulting your customer and step-up to the challenges of providing good customer service instead of whining and crying to the rest of us."

Sounds like good advice for Golden Village.

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