Thursday, July 26, 2012

Lulin sends feedback to Singnet but ends up doing all the work

My friend Lulin's intention to do a good deed has left her totally exasperated. She wanted to inform Singnet about a possible scam but was put off by a whole lot of boxes to fill including some personal info.
    Here's her beef about Singnet: "I received an email on my Yahoo account asking me to verify my account by clicking an URL.
    "The email came from a Singnet address. I know about such scams but thought I should inform Singnet as I also have a Singnet address.
    "At the Singnet website, I clicked "contact us" which led me to a short form. Typed my name, IC number, tel and email. For "type of feedback", none of those offered fitted mine and I chose comments, suggestions etc. And I typed my story about the hacking email into the feedback box.
    "The short form expanded and I had to type in a whole lot of other personal info and the form expanded further. Finally, I thought that was it, but a box popped up and asked for my ADSL number. What the heck is that?!!
    "Surely with my email address, Singnet can check the ADSL number (whatever that is). If this is a way of discouraging feedback it sure works! If the ever-expanding form is to help Singnet divert the query or complaint to the different departments, it is nonsense!
    "Why make the customer -- who is already taking the trouble to send the feedback -- do the work? Why can't Singnet read the feedback and forward it to whoever? NOT good enough, Singnet!
    "If they are still interested, the email I received is: Webmail Administrator Dear Account Owner July 24, 2012 5:59 PM
Dear Account Owner,   We are currently upgrading our Webmail account data base, for this you cannot be allowed to send or to receive new email until you revalidate your email account. Kindly click here Webmail Administrator Unit."

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