Monday, August 27, 2012

No Signboard's 'crabby' service

A double birthday celebration at the No Signboard Seafood restaurant in the East Coast two days ago has left Ryan Khan terribly unhappy. He said he would not want to go back there again.
         Here's his story:   "I was there with my family to celebrate my mum's and uncle's birthday. There were eight of us. We were told each small crab was estimated to be 1.1 - 1.2 kg. and medium crabs were 1.6 kg to 1.8kg.
         "So we decided on two small chilli crabs and two small butter crabs among other dishes. The other dishes were alright despite not being up to previous standards.
        "When it came to the crabs, we were only served the chilli crabs. We thought the others would come awhile later. So we got into conversations and were enjoying out chilli crab for at least a good 40 minutes.
        "We were done with the chilli crabs and (still) the butter crabs did not come. So I went to the ask for the bill and to inform that the butter crabs had not come and I want the order cancelled.
        "About five minutes later, the waiter came up with the butter crabs and the bill.  We had all washed up and I informed the staff that I had already cancelled the crab.
        "I was told 'cannot cancel' as the crabs (were) already cooked. I was forced into paying. I did not want to create a scene to spoil the occassion. I asked them to packed the crabs.
        "I paid with my Mastercard and I did not really check the bill. When I came home, I looked through the bill (and found) I was charged $308 for the crabs alone before taxes.
        "I did my calculations and it came to 1.4kg per crab. I called the restaurant, and I was told each small crab is between 1.1  and 1.4 kg. I argued that it was not what Iwas told initially (1.1-1.2kg).
        "I told the woman I spoke to, how could it be all my crabs weighed 1.4kg. She told me I was served bigger crabs but I was only charged 1.4kg. I found it ridiculous.
        "When I questioned why my crab was served so late, all I was told was 'sorry, we got too many orders'. Is this the kind of service we expect of a top seafood restaurant.
        "The service I got was worst than coffeshop standards. Even in coffeeshops, they would weigh the crabs and indicate the weight in the bill. Whereas, No Signboard bill just syas '1 crab $308'. 
        "The total bill came up to $657.50. I just felt cheated. We pay for good service and good food... I had many good experiences at No Signboard Restaurants years ago.
        "But my last experience at the Geylang outlet and now at the East Coast outlet was so bad. I am not going to ever go back and I want to let others know about my experience here."

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