Sunday, December 23, 2012

Thumbs up for Fara of Singtel

        Lulin Reutens wrote to me today to sing the praises of a Singtel employee whom she encountered recently.
       "Whoever is the supervisor of Fara, a Singtel counter staff at ComCentre, should give her at least a big Christmas bonus if not a big increment!" Lulin says.
       "Fara was patient and meticulous in helping my husband and me to upgrade our service to the new fibre optic system, and renewed my husband's phone contract with a free new phone.
       "My phone was not due for renewal for another two months but a quick word with her manager and I got an iPhone5 without paying the penalty for early cancellation of the old contract.
       "Throughout the two-hour-long process, Ms Fara was friendly, cheerful and patient in explaining the different options and waiting for us to make our choices, as well as explaining the many documents I had to sign.
       "Not once did her smile droop, and it was a genuine smile, too! And she had started at her job just four months earlier! She knew her stuff well and spoke good, clear English without a hint of frustration, impatience or annoyance.
       "Serving us caused her to miss lunch with her colleagues when they came to find out if she could leave.
       "I apologised for making her miss her appointment but she brushed it off good-naturedly, as though I am doing her a favour by being at her counter."
       Lulin says Ms Fara, who hails from the Philippines, is the kind of foreign talent Singapore needs badly.
       "She should train Singapore sales staff on the meaning of good service -- how to keep a smiling, cheerful demeanour so the experience is a pleasant one for the customer, even when dealing with annoying paper work and bureaucracy.
       "Thank you, Ms Fara."
       Wow, that's something coming from my old friend Lulin who, I know, was a strict supervisor while she was working with me many  years ago and did not lavish  unnecessary praises on undeserving subordinates when it came to staff appraisals.


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