Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Starhub, please buck up!

Starhub is reputably the worst service provider among our three telcos when it comes to mobile phone reception. Apparently, this is because it does not have sufficient transmitters to provide adequate coverage.

So subscribers are understandably upset when they are unable to make a call or send an sms especially when they are in places which they expect to have good coverage.

After being its customer for many, many years, I had given up waiting for it to improve its service coverage and switched to its rival M1 when I got my iPhone a couple of months ago.

My friend, Irene Hoe, who has been quite exasperated with Starhub's service for sometime, wrote to me today, saying:

"Whenever I am in the Clementi Polyclinic in Clementi Central, reception slips to no more than one or two bars.

"Each time I am here at the clinic, as I am now, at least once or twice there will be no reception at all and I'll see "searching for network" at the top of the screen.

"Meanwhile, I note that my M1 iPhone displays full or near full bars.

"This area, especially with the newly-opened Clementi Mall nearby, serves a large number of people. Moreover, the bus interchange is due to relocate there, so there will be even more potential users in the vicinity.

"So I fail to understand why reception for Starhub customers should be so poor - unless you deleted a transmitter while construction was underway and decided or neglected to replace it.

"I've reported this before - stupidly, only over 1633 instead of in writing - but it has been nearly a year and there seems to have been no improvement."

Well, it looks like Starhub may lose more of its customers if its does not listen and buck up.

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