Friday, August 6, 2010

Coffee shocker? No, it's coffee plus-plus, says St Regis

St Regis Singapore has replied to my post about its "coffee shocker" experienced by May when she lunched at its Yan Ting restaurant with her business friends recently.

She was shocked by the $60 bill for four cups of coffee when the total bill came up to about $230.

The reply by Oscar Postma, its Executive Assistant Manager (Rooms), said:

"Thank you for conveying to us the feedback on behalf of your friend who recently dined at Yan Ting.

"Pricing at the dining establishments at The St. Regis Singapore are set to include the experiences of dining, where the ambience of an elegant venue, the personalised service of attentive wait staff and the entertainment provided all contribute to a St. Regis dining experience. It is commissioned to be a refined and memorable experience that is crafted to meet the highest standards of our guests.

"While we cannot turn back the hands of time of Ms. May’s experience with our staff when she presented her initial feedback some time ago, I wish to assure that it truly is not a representation of our St. Regis service attributes, and we deeply regret if it has been presented as such.

"Thank you once again for providing us with your views, and we hope that we will have the opportunity to welcome you both back to our hotel soon."

Well, what Oscar is saying is that she was paying for more than just coffee at the hotel.

My interpretation: Have your cuppa at a less atas place if you want to pay a cheaper price.

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