Thursday, August 5, 2010

SingPost: Another complaint

Hours after I posted "SingPost all boxed in" today (August 5), Fern wrote to say that she has been following my blog for a while now and just has to comment on this latest entry as she has had similar experiences with SingPost.

She said: "Just last month, our friend sent us a package via EMS Thailand. We waited for weeks but the package never arrived and finally decided to check with him. He gave us the tracking number and we realised then that SingPost was responsible for delivering the parcel to us in Singapore.

"When I entered the EMS tracking number on the SingPost website, it showed me that there was a failed delivery on 2 July (which is impossible since there is ALWAYS someone at home) and that the package had been waiting in limbo at the Eunos Post Centre. When were they going to inform me that my package had arrived?

"When I tried to arrange for a re-delivery via phone, it was unable to process my request so I tried via the website, all the while not knowing if the package was ever going to be delivered since I didn't get an acknowledgement note.

"Thankfully the package arrived finally but if I hadn't taken the initiative to track the package down, it will probably still be sitting at Eunos Post Centre today."

LATEST: After the two posts on SingPost's poor service, the company's Customer Service officer, Julie, wrote to say that "we have forwarded the web hyperlink to our relevant function(s) for their attention and review(s)."

She added: "We regret the service experience encountered by the blog members. Please be assured that we are committed and focused to improvements."

I don't understand what she meant by "relevant function(s)" but I guess management is doing something about it.


  1. Good Morning PY :)

    Now with this incident with SingPost again, I think Singpost did to do an inventory check & clear all backlog just in case there might be some items that might have been overlook.

  2. Hi Shionge,
    SingPost has replied. Please see Latest at end of the second post. Cheers

  3. Hey PY, thank you for replying my comment :)

    I think by refering to 'relevant functions' could be the outsourced contractors that are responsible for this. Glad that this was highlighted to Singpost :D

  4. Hi Shionge, Thanks for clarification. Cheers

  5. I have a bad experience, with singapore post. On November 24, 2010,. Tonight, I bought some goods at the Mustafa Center, and immediately I sent in Counter SpeedPost,. In the form of AIR PARCEL. to my children in Jakarta.
    I ask, to the officer receiving the package I downloaded it. He arrived at the recipient's address in Jakarta, a maximum of 7 days

    Surprise that will I give to my son turned into a disappointment, because until now not clear when to arrive and to whom to ask.

    The issue is my kids have moved address since December 3rd ago, where an agent in Jakarta who can I contact

  6. Hi Herius,

    I have sent your feedback to SingPost and asked them to assist you.

  7. I am having a terrible experience with SingPost. An international EMS Speedpost package was sent for me to Canada. The online tracking indicates the package was received 'in transit' on Dec. 15th. To date, the status has not changed at all. The delivery standard is 2-4 days. SingPost has not replied to my enquiries. The package has not even left Singapore, how can they meet the delivery standard? SingPost does not reply to my enquiries, what can I do?

  8. Maggie, I suggest you write a more detailed account of your experience and emailed it to me at Pleae also give your contact number and I will alert SingPost. Cheers.