Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Nike just did it --- badly

Vera is convinced that service standards here are heading south after her shopping experience at a Nike shop in Paragon on Sunday (Aug. 2).

She was served by a young unsmiling girl at the shop. After she had tried on two pairs of shorts -- black and white -- she told the girl that she would like to try the blue one as well.

The response she got was: "Which one you don't want?"

She told the still unsmiling sales assistant: "I want all three." And she did buy all three in the end, despite the poor service that she received, as she reckoned that she did not want the hassle of going to another shop.

With a sigh, she told me: "If Nike, a top brand, cannot train its sales people properly, I have little hope that service in our shops will improve any time soon."

Well said, Vera!


  1. Not just Nike but any other businesses must train their staff on good customer services. With so many Gen Y & foreign service staff in the service industries, training is of utmost important.

  2. I went to the Nike Factory Outlet store at West Coast Plaza recently and received fantastic service at the counter. I was asked if I would like to purchase footwear as there was an additional 20% off for the season and also told very clearly about the refund policy. Staff were definitely well-trained, friendly and helpful. CL