Saturday, November 20, 2010

No chicken -- or satay --- from SIA

Unlike Irene Hoe, Quak Hiang Whai is not impressed with Singapore Airlines' service. I was surprised by what he told me:

"Disappointed with SIA service quality these days. Flew to Beijing Nov 15 802 Flight. They offered me Pork or nothing for lunch. So i flew all the way to China without a proper meal.

"They said they ran out of chicken. I waited to see if they would surprise me with some initiative (Maybe go Business class and grab some satay or something). Stewardess offered me starters instead."

Well, I am sure biz class would have more than enough satay to spare. Stewardess probably didn't know that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. :)


  1. I have friends who are SIA stewardess and I have visited their training centre as well. Sometimes if they do have extra main course, they do give out to passengers.

    During my recent trip from Istanbul back to Spore, I did witness how the steward had to explain to the passenger that certain food was overlook such as vegetarian request. Then again, there are times when passengers requested for extra main course, they do serve them.

    So perhaps, it was a full flight and lots of hungry passengers :) Just a one off incident I hope so I hope it would not deter him from flying with SIA :D

  2. SIA charges a premium price because of so called premium service quality. Coming from a country surrounded by a few hundred million Muslims, surely the airline cannot risk offering "Pork or nothing'' option to its passenger? The staff should have a bit more initiative by going to pantry and grab something esle.

  3. I wonder if it occurred to one of the senior cabin crew to forgo his or her meal and offer it to the passenger? I am not suggesting any of the crew starve, but they have the means to put together a meal for themselves - using an assortment of sandwiches, instant noodles, starters.

    This is what would distinguish a top class crew from a run of the mill one.

    SQ pares things to a minimum to save costs, but in doing so they risk alienating customers.

    They are fortunate that Singaporeans feel comfortable on SQ and feel they must fly SQ. I have since been weaned and fly affordable airlines (I prefer a lower fare than frequent flyer miles). Or look for an airline that will give me more for the same price.

    Loyalty programmes work one way - the airlines get your loyalty but don't expect them to stick by you!

  4. AWH, yes, more Singaporeans are feeling the way you do. By the way, SQ has responded to my feedback, apologised and said it will contact Quak Hiang Whai.

  5. Surprising and disappointing, hopefully this is a 1 time slip up?

  6. It's an aircraft up in the air. Not a mobile 7-11, or cheers. Neither Issit a restaurant with a chef in the air. Even a restaurant runs out of selection at times.