Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Second time unlucky for Shionge

Shionge was so happy this morning when she found out that the promoter of Korean boyband Super Junior was releasing another 200 tickets for the "sold-out" January 29 show.

She activated many friends and family members to help her book tickets online, only to be disappointed again because the computer was completely jammed.

She said her friend had queued at the Vivocity Sistic outlet but also could not get any tickets even though she was fourth in the queue.

Sistic has responded to my feedback about not setting aside a portion of the tickets for public sale. It said that it was out of its control as the decision was made by the promoter, Running Into The Sun, a subsidiary of Fly Entertainment.

Tickets were snapped up a few hours after they were put out for sale on Saturday (Nov 20). Apparently, all of them were taken up by priority bookings, leaving nothing for the public sale which was scheduled to start on Nov. 23.

An upset Shionge said: "Actually I am just a supportive Mom trying to buy tickets for my two teenage daughters and I knew their anguish. Only good thing was that they did not queue overnight like what some teenagers did over at the Hereen on Friday."


  1. Thanks PY for a second post on this :*)

    Hey, heard what my elder girl shared with her friend..."...the credibility of the organiser is in question..." that's so true.

    Like you rightly mentioned, there must be a better way to this.

  2. Yes, why did they say tickets were all sold out when they still had 200 more in reserve?

  3. Hmmm......I reckoned could it be because it was announced to all that public sale commencing on 23 Nov...this is to appease the public? Afterall, Sistic did reply me via email that all tickets were released on first day and all were sold out.