Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Head honchos waking up

I got up this morning (March 2) happy to read these screaming headlines in our newspapers: "Bad service? The buck stops with the CEO" (Straits Times) and "Bosses get harsh on service" (Today).

Well, last the head honchos are pointing the accusing finger at themselves for our "languishing service standards" and planning to take remedial action. That's pretty refreshing.

Imagine being ranked 9th out of 10 countries and territories for the third consecutive year last year for customer satisfaction and they are just waking up now! I guess it's better late than never.

No one, however, is surprised that our retail sector fared the worst in the service index drawn up by the Institute of Service Excellence at the Singapore Management University.

A total of 150 senior executives attended the forum yesterday to get industry leaders to buck up on our service standards. Let's hope those words of warning got into their heads and they will start to act ... top down.

You can bet boo-n-bouquet will keep a close watch on their action...or the lack of . Stay tuned.

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