Friday, March 19, 2010

Taxi turns Lindy down

Fussy cabbies continue to make life difficult for some of us. Here's one bad experience told to me by my friend Lindy:

"I was waiting at the taxi stop for Shaw Centre on Scotts Road this evening (March 18).

"A taxi let off a passenger and I got in at about 6.35pm. The driver was ready to take my fare until I told him that I wanted to go to Arcadia Road, off Adam Road.
He immediately told me that he could not take me there as there was a jam. I was about to get out of the cab when I thought, "Why should a cab driver decide not to take my fare because there was a jam???"

"When I told him that, he insisted "see jam, lah. Cannot make business". I was incredulous at this point so I started to take down the cab number and I told him I was doing so. He looked a bit annoyed and then tried another excuse - he said that he needed to go to the toilet immediately.

"I got out anyway after I had his number. The cab number is SHD671Y. I'm afraid I did not get his name... I was rather frazzled coz I was carrying quite a few bags and the incident threw me off balance.

"I did manage to get the next cab quickly. There was no complaint from the second driver, there was no jam and I got home at 6.58pm.

"Some of our cab drivers still have such poor service attitudes. Sigh."

It's boo-quet for that cabby.

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  1. The sad thing is that this happens on a daily basis. Many cabbies reject customers as and when they like. They should realize that they provide a service and "jams" are a bad excuse to reject a customer.