Tuesday, March 2, 2010

SingPost acts, but...

SingPost has finally taken steps to cut queueing time at its post offices.

In a letter to The Straits Times' Forum Page, it announced that with effect from today (March 1), there will be a dedicated queue for postal services such as the purchase of postage stamps and registered article transactions at all its 62 post offices.

It said that customers can also use alternative channels, including more than 800 stamp vendors and 31 postal agents, or opt for cashless transactions through more than 300 self-service automated machines and its Internet portal, vPost.

I am happy that boo-n-bouquet has contributed in a small way to SingPost taking measures to improve its services. In January, I posted an item, Slow Service at SingPost, which related an account by my friend May of its slow service at its Sixth Avenue branch when she went there to buy some stamps.

SingPost replied to the feedback, saying that the Branch Manager "always ensures there are more staff manning the counter during peak periods and he himself will assist also."

But it failed to inform my friend where exactly she could find the stamp vendors which the SingPost staff told her about.

There may be more than 800 stamp vendors and postal agents all over the island. But the information would be useless to most customers if SingPost does not tell us where they are!!!!

Moral of the story: When you want to improve your services, do not forget about the details.

I am afraid SingPost will just have to wait for its Bouquet.


  1. Thanks for helping to escalate this. :) One small step at a time... we are making progress

  2. Yes, eStee, one small step at a time will go a long way.