Monday, March 22, 2010

ICA's fantastic service

Carol is thoroughly overwhelmed by the fantastic service she got from the Immigration and Checkpoint Authority (ICA). This is her story

"My passport expires this year and as such, I had to apply for my new biometric passport. The online system was straight-forward and simple to use without any complicated login required.

"All one had to do was use Singpass, input the necessary details and attach an acceptable photo. I had some trouble with my photo as I accidentally submitted the wrong photo but this was easily sorted out by email. ICA efficiently dealt with me by email and all I had to do was to submit a suitable photo by email.

"Thereafter I was issued a collection slip requesting that I register online on a date which was convenient for me. I duly registered and was even allowed to select a timeslot (all 15 min apart and with a maximum of 3 persons per timeslot).

"On the collection date, I arrived at ICA with my collection slip and approached the electronic counter to obtain a queue number. I scanned the barcode on my collection slip at the electronic counter and I was quickly issued a queue number.

"Within 5 minutes, my number was called and in the next 5 minutes, I duly received my new passport. The whole collection process only took 10 minutes. Service was hassle free, smooth and polite.

"I am very pleased with the efficiency at ICA and proud to be Singaporean! The immigration department in many countries is generally fabled to be slow, inefficient, bureaucratic and sometimes even corrupt where "payment" could get a person the "express" service."

Definitely a BOUQUET for ICA.

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  1. just wanted to add that I had a similarly excellent experience at the ICA the last time we were back in Singapore. I had about 6 months left on my passport but was back in Aug so decided to renew it. I had forgotten to bring my IC (it was in fact, in my drawer back here in the UK! - I didn't realise I had to bring it) but they were fine about it, and also added my married name in brackets (Which was done when I got married by the Singapore High Commission in London, hand written, in biro blue ink - very professionally done - NOT!). All done within an hour, and very efficiently done, and most importantly, with a smile!!
    well done ICA.
    My British husband was so impressed.

    Oh and to contrast this, my passport is currently with the Home Office in the UK to get my PR status in the UK - and guess what, the wait time is 6 months. According to their website, 95% of all applications get processed within 6 months. hm. I know UK is a much bigger country, etc etc, but STILL!