Thursday, July 29, 2010

St Regis' coffee shocker

I keep hearing stories of poor service and atrocious prices at St Regis over the last few months but no one has taken the trouble to write to me about their experience --- until today.

My friend May, the globe-trotter who has just returned from yet another jaunt,
sms-ed me to say that she has something for my blog.

"But it is not quite a service issue," she says, before adding "more like daylight

May was entertaining some of her business friends over lunch at the hotel's Yan Ting restaurant yesterday. It was a pleasant afternoon until she saw the bill.

The total bill came to about $230, but the shocker was the price for four cups of black coffee --- $60. May, who has drunk coffee in posh places all over the world, believes St Regis' cuppa must be the most expensive that she has come across.

She remembers her first shock was sometime ago at the same hotel when she paid $12 for a cuppa. When she gave her feedback to the management, she felt that their attitude was: "Don't go there if you cannot afford it!".

Well, at $15 per cuppa now, it is not exactly a case of deja vu.


  1. If I may say so, I don't think the coffee price is outrageously high. Your fren May (S?) should know tt even less well known places charge around $12+++ for a cuppa. Tt's why we don't normally drink coffee after dinner at these places, unless it's part of the set or on expense account.

  2. Well, my last lesson with some seafood restaurant has taught me to check the prices before committing.

    Seem like May has :
    - presume that the coffee is nothing special and should only cost x dollars.

    - decide that asking for the menu to see that prices is not ATAS infront of her guests.

    If SR has marked their coffee @ $200 per cup, it their choice.

    Willing seller, willing buyer.

    - Eng Hai.