Monday, May 3, 2010

Anne's bouquet for LTA

Former racing driver Anne Wong Holloway just could not understand how her hubby could have been caught by a red light camera and
fined $200 plus 13 demerit points.

She says he drives "carefully and slowly, maybe too slowly, which is why I think he was caught by the red light camera."

She believes that "if he were a young man in a Ferrari he'd have cleared easily by stepping on the accelarator." (By the way, her hubby is 81 years old).

With that belief in mind, she went about seeking answers to her questions in order for her to prove her theory. She asked her motoring friends and those in the motor trade two questions:

1) For how long is the amber light at a traffic junction illuminated? and

2) Does this vary according to the distance in the box formed by the junction?

Unfortunately, none of them could provide her with definitive answers.
So, she did the next best thing --- write to the Traffic Police for help.

She did, but drew a blank as well probably because it is not their policy to give such information to the public.

Luckily for her, her query was also made known to the Land Transport Authority which promptly gave her the answers.

And the answers are: 1) The timing of the amber light for all traffic lights is at three seconds; and 2) It does not vary based on the distance of the junction.

Anne will now have to figure out whether her hubby was indeed a very slow driver who was caught in the junction when the lights turned red.

Meanwhile, she is giving her BOUQUET to the Land Transport Authority for enlightening her.


  1. congrats on being covered on TODAY paper! Jiayou all the way!

  2. Thanks, Estee. The hit rate has shot up as a result.