Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Tiger, Tiger not so bright

Podcaster Shareen Wong is furious with Tiger Airways. Her recent holiday to Bangkok with her family was marred by the airline's bad service. Here's her story:

"I booked three flights on Tiger Airways to Bangkok for the 20th April for my family. With the current political unrest and the state of emergency in the capital, we decided to cut short our trip.

"As stated on the Tiger Airways website, a free change of flights was offered to passengers flying to BKK between 13-19th April. As we were due to fly a day later, I called up the hotline three times prior to my flight (on the 18th & 19th April) to check if this free change of flight would be extended to those who were booked to fly on the 20th.

"I finally decided to pay to change my departure date at about 8pm on the the 19th April upon the assurance of the customer service officer who confirmed that would be no free change of flights offered. I had no choice but to pay an extra $266.10 to make the changes to all three outgoing flights.

"The next day (20th April), I logged onto the Tiger Airways website and to my surprise the airline was now offering a FREE change of flights for flights leaving for BKK from the 20-26 April. I felt very confused and cheated as I had been assured just the day before that this would not happen.

"I called up Tiger Airways to explain the situation, only to be told that the company would not be offering us ANY refunds. I asked to speak to a supervisor and was told that there is no point as he would only tell me the same thing.

"It was only after three attempts that I was finally put through to the supervisor on duty who promised to raise the issue to management and return my call the next day by noon.

"When I did not receive a call from the airlines the next day, I tried to call the hotline again only to be told that the supervisor I spoke to was on leave. I was also rudely informed that the supervisor on duty that day (was too busy with other cases to follow up on mine). He was unhelpful, dismissive and extremely rude!

"I then decided to write a letter to Tiger Airways to explain the situation asking for a refund and a reply by 25th April but yet again I have had no reply.

"Nobody should have to put up with this level of bad service even if you are flying budget! "

Let's wait for Tiger's reply. In the meantime, it's a BOOQUET for them.


  1. Be patient for Tiger's reply. They state on their website that they will give a well-considered reply to written post-flight enquiries within 21 days. I am not acting for Tiger, but instead, I am also waiting for their explanation to a cancelled HKG-SIN flight (6
    Apr), without any notice, except the check-in staff promised me the next flight, but I had to waste 8 hours at the airport.

  2. Dont bother waiting for their reply. My complaint that was sent to them last year was not even attended to at all. I gave up waiting and also boycotted taking their flights. To think that they are supposed to be affliated to our national carrier. Their service levels are poles apart!

  3. I find it interesting that when it comes to service you expect the airline to be of a particular standard since they are "affiliated to our national carrier", and yet, you don't expect to have to pay the prices that the same national carrier commands.
    double-standards and double speak. You want your cake and to eat it too.