Thursday, May 6, 2010

Welcome to tell your stories

Since boo-n-bouquet was highlighted in the Today newspaper (pictured above) on Monday, the number of visitors to my blog has skyrocketed. Which, of course, is very gratifying.

It means that there are many more eyeballs reading what I have written. Many have sent me very encouraging comments -- of which I am grateful -- and expressed interest in sharing their experiences.

What is also significant is that many of the organisations that I have mentioned in my blog are monitoring the postings regularly. This obviously means that they care about what we are saying about their service standards.

Hopefully, they will receive our feedback graciously and, if need be, take action to improve themselves. In fact, many have done so and have been awarded BOUQUETS.

When this blog was conceived last year, I wanted it to carry only stories from my friends, family members and myself so that it would be more manageable.

However, with the sudden rise in interest from other readers, I thought it would be useful to allow contributions from outside my circle of friends and family members.

So, if you have a good story to share about an excellent service that you have experienced or one that is totally rotten, do email me at this address:

Please also give me your full name and contact number as I may have to provide them to the organisations that you write about.

One last thing: For various reasons, I cannot promise that all your stories will be published. But if you have one that is so compelling and can be verified, you can be sure that it will be used.

Happy posting!


  1. Hi PY :) Yes I popped by after the report on Todday Newspaper and it is good that through this constructive feedback channel, all service provider will continue or to improve their services.

    Also, this is a good platform to raise awarenss amongst all of us too :D

    Happy Blogging too and have a great weekend :D

  2. Thanks, Shionge.
    Enjoy your weekend, too.