Monday, May 17, 2010

Baby friendly restaurant at Dempsey

A reader, Faith, who chanced upon my blog from another friend's blog, has written to share about a "wonderful restaurant" that she and her family patronised last Saturday.

This is what she wrote: "Singapore's service standards are getting from bad to worse. I work in Hong Kong and I head to Singapore every month to visit family. Sometimes it can be astonishing how bad service can get especially in restaurants and I'm not saying service standards in HK is great.

"I want to highlight a restaurant that I really enjoyed. It was my second time there. I was there last Saturday when I went back to Singapore. I was there with my husband, my parents, sister and her baby.

"We were at E Food and Wine in Dempsey Road. This is the weblink, . We were there for lunch. When we got there, the baby chair was already set up.

"My husband called in advance for reservations. The waitstaff there were very patient and they listened to what we wanted and needed. When my sister's baby cried as she wasn't used to the baby chair, they didn't hesitate to help.

"Her baby finally calmed down when we brought out our own baby chair. The staff patiently cleared away the baby chair and cleared the mess for us. All these was done with a cheerful smile.

"The food came and I must say, it wasn't exceptionally great food but the service was superb. Even my mother mentioned that she'd love to come back to the restaurant.

"While we were still eating, and we noticed that the restaurant was a little empty, we put the baby on the ground and she crawled. They were very kind in helping us to watch out for the baby while we ate in peace.

"And one thing we noticed about the restaurant is that they mentioned that the 10 percent of service charge goes directly to their waitstaff. I was glad to see that. The staff were well-trained and spoke good English. This was my second visit to the restaurant and the next time I'm back in Singapore, I won't hesitate to head back there again.

"I'm proud of Singapore but am quite often let down by its horrid service. And your blog serves as a good platform for the service providers to constantly check their service standards."

A bouquet for E Food and Wine!

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  1. I think it's excellent to read about baby friendly restaurants in Singapore esp when we return next year around Chinese New Year, I will have a near 3year old and a 5 month old in tow! :) thanks for setting up this blog!