Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Saga of the missing credit card at No Signboard Restaurant

Ms Lee Ying Wen would think twice about eating out at No Signboard Restaurant in Vivocity again after her experience with her "missing credit card" last Saturday. Here's her story:

"I was at No Signboard Restaurant, Vivocity, for brunch on Saturday. We were the first customers and the restaurant was empty. When we called for the bill, we were the first customers to ask for the bill.

When the bill folder was returned, it did not contain my credit card. The server denied misplacing my card and started glancing at my wallet and my newspapers (which I was reading).

She made small attempts to look for it at the payment counter. She denied losing it and hinted that I had already taken it back and lost it.

For 10 minutes, I received no apology or any further assistance from them; in fact, I was the one who got down on my knees to search for the card under my table.

When I requested to see the manager, the server explained that the manager was not in yet, and I subsequently requested to see a senior staff. After explaining myself, the senior staff meekly whispered "sorry".

After giving my details, I left the restaurant. At that moment, I had already cancelled my credit card and requested for a replacement. Two minutes after I left, the senior staff ran after us, explaining that she had found the card tucked somewhere.

I wrote an email to No Signboard on Monday, to both the feedback address as well as the managing director listed on the website. So far there has been no response.

The service I received from No Signboard can be best described as incompetence and was one of the worst I have received in Singapore.

I do not blame the staff for making the mistake of misplacing it, but I am amazed at the flippant and indifferent attitude I received from them. Not only did I not receive any apology for the inconvenience, I risked having my credit card stolen and the staff (further) implied that I was the one who lost the card.

By not replying to my email, it could only mean that the whole organisation does not really care about good customer service.

Despite all the efforts that STB put in to ensure good service, it seems that things have not improved."

BOO-QUET for No Signboard.

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