Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Bouquet for Alice from Tang's

Tang's department store has responded to my friend Peter Ong's feedback about the knowledge deficiency of one of the saleswomen he met while he was at the store earlier this month (See posting "Knowledge gap at Tang's" below).

Ms Alice Ching, its Retail Manager for Store Operations, has written to him, saying: "We are concerned to learn of the unpleasant experience you had in our store. Please accept our sincere apologies for the inconvenience caused by the poor service of the Mitch&Marc promoter.

"We agree with you that frontline staff should be well equipped with product knowledge and be polite towards all our customers. We appreciate your feedback as we believe it is through feedback from customers that we are able to monitor and improve further on our service standards.

"We have emailed Mitch&Marc for information pertaining to the watch winders, and we are told that the mechanism, known as the mechanical Integrate Circuit Board, is made in Germany and their products are assembled in either Taiwan or Hong Kong. The Integrate Circuit Board controls the movement which determines the number of turns clockwise or anti-clockwise.

"We sincerely hope that this incident will not deter you from shopping at TANGS and we look forward to serving you on your next visit to Singapore."

That is definitely good PR from Tang's, something many of our service providers could learn from. A BOUQUET for Alice.

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