Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Long delay: SGH replies

After I posted the story, "SGH took 68 days to complete a medical report", I sent this comment to Health Minister Khaw Boon Wan's blog:

"I have no doubt about the accuracy of the (Patient Satisfaction) survey. But my recent experience dealing with the Records Office at SGH has caused an unnecessary dent in my level of confidence in our public health services. My brother who is stricken with cancer, applied for a medical report on Jan 29, this year, to support his insurance claim. After a lot of angst, it was finally sent to the insurance company on April 7. It took a total of 68 days for the report to be completed. Surely this is not the Singapore system that I am used to! "

Today (April 13) SGH sent this reply to me:

"It takes about 4 weeks for completion of medical report from the time we receive the request. Time is needed for the doctor to extract the relevant information from the medical records, especially for patients with serious or complex conditions that require follow-ups by multiple doctors. We are improving the process and working towards a more efficient "One Patient. One Medical Record" system. We hope for your understanding."

After reading the SGH reply, I sent the following comment:

"SGH, I can understand if there is effort made to explain to the patient the reason for the delay. When there is none and the patient is kept in the dark all the time, how do you expect me to show understanding?

"Furthermore, you are asking me for my understanding when you have not proferred a single word of apology for the long delay. I will not embarass you further by discussing the explanation you have given me. I hope my brother's case is just an aberration and does not in any way change my belief that our health care services are still one of the best in the world. I am sorry I have to let it all out..."

Let's wait for SGH reply.


  1. Has SGH replied?

  2. No, SGH did not reply to my last comment. I guess the point has been made and we should move on.