Thursday, April 8, 2010

My, my, my....UOB

Concert-goer Tammy Tan was disappointed by two-song Tom Jones, but she was just as disappointed with UOB when she tried to stop her credit card issuer from debting her account because of the uncompleted show.

Here's her story...

"All credit card companies should take a leaf out of Amex's book. Case in point: I was one of the unfortunate Tom Jones concert-goers. The first time it was cancelled, we were all wondering what happened and I decided to call the credit card company to alert them.

"I usually pay by Amex and automatically called the concierge to tell them I wasn't going pay this bill as the concert was cancelled. They said don't worry, we will put a note and we will dispute it for you.

"But they said they weren't able to find a charge from Sistic was then that I realised I had signed with my UOB Master instead as Sistic doesnt take Amex.

"So I called UOB's card centre and it was hell....

Guy on phone said: Sorry you have to take it up with Sistic we can't do anything.

Me: But the concert is cancelled and I am disputing this charge. Can you just put a note and send me a dispute form?

Guy: No. you will need to check with Sistic.

I insisted then that he send me a dispute form nonetheless and he grudgingly said ok.

Bottomline: UOB sucks (and for that matter so do Citibank and DBS but that's another story)."

Apart from giving UOB a BOO-QUET, I also have a question: why, why and why are so many bank officials so lacking in service skills???

***LATEST: UOB has acknowledged the feedback.

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