Saturday, April 3, 2010

Quarterly reporting

How time whizzes by! I have been at this for over three months, but it seems like it was only last week that I started blogging. I must confess that I am now a little addicted to it.

I am also heartened by the kind comments that I have received from my friends. Here are three of them:

"I think it is a great idea. I first mooted this idea as a weekly page or even column, to the ST. It fell on deaf ears. So I'm so glad u have decided to start this blog." --- May Sng.

"Heard about your blog and spent part of the weekend reading it...impressive! am glad someone is taking shoddy Singapore service staff to task." --- Carl Skadian.

"Great stuff! Just read your blog. I'm impressed with the responses you've been receiving. Now that's journalism in action! Will certainly send you any encounters of good and bad service." --- Lulin Reutens.

Now that I have sufficiently patted myself on the back :), I will move on to my quarterly reporting.

Top of my list for BOUQUET awards : Health Minister Khaw Boon Wan/Ministry of Health. I am so impressed with their swift and to-the-point responses to my comments and questions that I am encouraged to post more stuff on their blog. Mr Khaw has indeed set a very high standard for his colleagues in the other ministries to emulate.

Others who deserve a BOUQUET (not in any particular order) are:

* NTUC FairPrice (responded promptly and positively)
* ICA (outstanding service)
* Volkswagen (excellent service)
* Canon (prompt and positive response)
* Al Forno Italian Restaurant (prompt response)
* SingPost (prompt response and made changes)
* Samsung (excellent service)
* Shabu Shabu Gen (excellent service)
* Novita (good service)
* NUH Aesthestic Plastic Surgery Centre (excellent service)
* Norton (good service).

I must qualify here that some of those who were the recipients of our complaints are getting a bouquet now because they responded promptly to our feedback . I am assuming that they have learnt their lesson and have taken steps to improve their service.

The following are the BOO-QUET recipients:

* Trans Cab (no response to feedback);
* Housing Board (no response to feedback);
* Nokia (responded but problem not fully resolved);
* FCUK (replacement shirt had colour run as well);
* Royal Sun Alliance (lack of courtesy);
* StarHub (no response to feedback);
* Shangri-La Bangkok (no response to feedback).

Thank you, everyone, for contributing. And please remember to pay particular attention to the good service that you also encounter and give your feedback.

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