Sunday, April 11, 2010

Take it, here's your sushi!

Journalist Lorna Tan was totally amazed by the kind of service that she received from a Japanese restaurant in Orchard Central. She related this story to me:

"I was having lunch with some newsmakers and colleagues at Kuriya Penthouse at Orchard Central about a month ago. We ordered the seasonal set which had two options for the main course. The options were sushi or Japanese claypot rice. Since none of us had tried the latter, we picked the Japanese claypot rice as our main course.

"When the time came for the main course to be served, the captain came and said that since the restaurant has just received a fresh shipment of fish, it was serving us sushi for our main course instead. He and a waiter proceeded to serve us the sushi.

"We were really disappointed that the captain didn't have the courtesy to inform us of the change and seek our opinion first. We also noticed that the neighbouring table was served its order of Japanese claypot rice.

"To make matters worse, the waiter accidentally tilted the plate of sushi while serving my colleague and the sushi landed on my colleague's lap."

She is giving a BOO-QUET to Kuriya Penthouse!

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