Friday, April 16, 2010

Hakim -- a big help

Just had an encounter with a very pleasant and patient StarHub customer service officer by the name of "Hakim".

I called the hotline 1633, pressed a couple of buttons and got Hakim on the line. Told him that my "call waiting" function for the fixed line was not working.

After a quick identity check, he told me how to fix it -- turn off the modem and turn it on again after 10 seconds.

His patience was tested twice because each time he called back to check whether I had done it, I told him "no" as I was talking to my house guest.
I was glad he kept his cool.

But it was third time lucky for him --- and me. The "call waiting" is back in order now, and I am happy I got Hakim to help me.

Certainly a BOUQUET for him.

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