Thursday, April 8, 2010

Budget terminal woes

Audrey thinks the service at the budget terminal has deteriorated. She sent the following to me in the early hours today (April 7):

"I'm at the budget terminal now on the way to Macau for a short holiday.

Service at the budget terminal is really bad.
- Check in at Tiger Airways smile, no eye contact.
- McDonalds...totally unlike their adverts.
- immigration...the officer gave me the evil eye coz I chose to use the counter rather than the auto machines. The auto machines had a long queue.
- baggage guards were shouting at the passengers to show their boarding passes and put their handphones in their bags. I could hear him and i was at the back of the queue.
- duty free...they were talking among themselves and not once to me. The cashier passes my ATM card back to me by almost slamming it on the counter.

Maybe you can include this in your blog...just because I'm travelling by budget & its 4am in the morning doesn't mean service has to be this bad. Haha.

Although this is only my 2nd time flying through the budget terminal, I don't remember it being this bad...or maybe I'm just more aware now after reading yr blog. :)"

My advice: I guess you just have to grin and bear with it if you want to fly direct to Macau...until of course the Changi airport authority or whoever else is in charge wakes up (early enough to take notice) and acts.

In the meantime, it has to be BOO-QUET for that terminal.

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