Friday, June 18, 2010

All well that ends well for Anne

The saga of Anne Holloway and her washing machine continues...

In my last posting, she said she was going to Best Denki in Takashimaya to check out the showroom display of Hitachi's 12 kg version of her new washing machine.

She did. She met the sales rep Ann and told her about the foggy, scratched panel on her machine and that the control panel came with a plastic shield, but not the see-through pane.

Ann immediately got on the phone to someone and soon after assured the other Anne that when a new shipment comes in, they will change the door assembly for her.

A grateful Anne wrote on her blog yesterday: "Pretty amazing service and assuredly NOT the usual run-of-the-mill Best Denki sales representative! If ever in the market for a washing machine, go and see Ann at Best Denki at Ngee Ann city; she has me for life!

"By comparison, Hitachi sent FIVE men (one a qualified Hitachi technician) to rectify their installation. As this happened on Wednesday afternoon....I was not at home and only communicated with the technician by phone.

"Despite my repeated comments about the see-through pane not being see-through, he steadfastly maintained that it was a dark colour and hence looked like it did.

"I held fast and kept saying that I have seen dark coloured plastic panels before and they did not look like they had fine scratches on them (imagine the 'satin' effect that you find on stainless steel but on plastic instead). We ended our conversations at an impasse --- until Ann intervened yesterday."

So it's all well that ends well....thanks to a helpful and understanding sales lady named Ann, and a relentless customer called Anne who knows and fights for her rights.

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  1. Kudos to Ann for a happy ending to this episode. However, this does not reflect well either on Hitachi or 'the usual run-of-the-mill Best Denki sales representative'. I've had a similar experience before with Best Denki which was resolved only when I banged my fist on the table.