Monday, June 28, 2010

'Unfair' to pay the extra for Mio TV

Jensen Aw is an EPL fan. And like many Starhub subscribers, he has to switch to Singtel in order to be able to watch the premier league matches which are starting the new season soon.

But he is unhappy that he has to pay for an additional phone line for his Mio TV which he thinks is unfair.

He wrote to me: "I am a defector from Starhub camp to Singtel camp due to the EPL rights. I stay in AMK and have to wait till June before the Mio TV coverage extends to my area. This means I have missed out on the free coverage of the champions league and europa league even though I want to sign up.

"The appointment was scheduled for last Saturday and I waited in anticipation. The installer came by and checked on the existing infrastructure. He is perplexed in going about the installation as my current phone jack is already shared between my M1 ADSL Line and my household phone line.

"He called up his Technical side for advice and finally the Sales department got back, saying that I will have to install another phone line in order for the Mio TV to work.

"My question is: Why do I need to pay for the additional phone line in order to watch my EPL? M1 ADSL is tapping on the the existing phone line of Singtel. Why can't these two Service Providers work together to provide us customers, a seamless experience instead of asking us to keep paying for their monopoly?

"Even though the monthly subscription is only $5 for the additional phone line, I really feel that it's unfair for me to pay the additional."

*** LATEST: Singtel responded today to ask for Jensen Aw's contact number and
assured me that it would be contacting Mr Aw to resolve his issue.

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