Friday, June 11, 2010

Eileen happy with Singtel

Ms Eileen Bittner, who lives in the US, was so upset when she found out that Singtel had deregistered her mobile number as it thought that it was inactive.

The telco told her that she could try to ask for the number back next time she was in Singapore. But she guessed it was highly unlikely to happen as it was a prepaid account.

Her family helps her to top up within the required period. Singtel's Customer Service said it sent me an SMS in February asking her to re-register my account.
But as she does not turn on her Singapore phone when she is in the US, she did not get the message.

Because the telco did not get a response, it “thought” the SIM was inactive and deregistered it.

Eileen's next top-up was to be in May, so when she turned on the phone to check exactly when she discovered she had been de-registered.

As her HiCard number is the one which all her friends and contacts in Singapore use to get in touch with her when she is in town, she decided to try her luck by asking Singtel to retrieve it.

The telco did --- and succeeded.

Eileen was so happy that she wrote to Singtel: "A million thanks for all your help in retrieving my HiCard number. I am so appreciative of your efforts as I know it must have been extremely difficult to track down a prepaid number/account. That you were successful in the endeavour and so kind to me throughout the process speaks very well of you and SingTel.

"I also wish to express my appreciation towards duty manager Kelvin Ho. He extended to me every courtesy, including the favour of copying all the contacts from my deactivated SIM to the new one.

"I am most impressed by and grateful for the assistance rendered to me."

A BOUQUET to Singtel this time around!

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